1. The fellow will undertake full-time research work under the approved guide in a subject selected by him and approved by the university/selection committee.
2. The fellow shall present to the university, through his/her supervisor, half-yearly progress reports ending the month of June and December, and the University/Institution/College will maintain a record of progress by obtaining the same.
3. If a fellow wishes to relinquish the fellowship during the tenure, it should be done with the prior approval of the University/Institution/College and the Commission. The fellow should also obtain prior permission of the University/Institution/College and Commission for appearing in any examination conducted by any University/Institution/College or public body.
4. The fellow shall not accept or hold any appointment, paid or otherwise, or receive emoluments, salary, stipend, etc. from any other source during the tenure of the award. The fellow, with the consent of the guide/head of department, may assist the University/Institution/College in its academic work, including tutorials, evaluation of test papers, laboratory demonstration work, seminar symposia, etc., provided such work is not likely to hamper the research programme on hand.
5. The fellowship may be terminated at any time without assigning any reasons and the Commission's decision in this regard shall be final and binding. No extension is permissible beyond the total period of five years and Awardee ceases to be a RGNJRF/RGNSRF immediately after expiry of the tenure.
  The University/ Institution/College shall admit the fellows under RGNF scheme for research leading to M.Phil. or Ph.D. irrespective of the stipulated number of research students assigned to the Supervisor or the Department in the concerned subjects.